Amela Sadagic, PhD
Research Associate Professor
Naval Postgraduate School
Computer Science Department
The MOVES Institute
Monterey, CA


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Contact coordinates:
        Mailing address: Naval Postgraduate School
The MOVES Institute, Bldg# 245, WA-283
700 Dyer Road
Monterey, CA 93943-5001
        ph/office: 831.656.3819
        fax/office: 831.656.7590
        email: asadagic followed by a sign @ and then nps dot edu


I currently teach following master level courses and seminars:

  • Human Factors in Virtual Environments - MV4001:   Fall AY20, Fall AY19, Fall AY18, Fall AY17, Fall AY16, Fall AY15, Fall AY14, Fall AY13, Winter AY12, Winter AY11, Winter AY9, Winter AY08, Winter AY07, Winter AY06
  • Introduction to Virtual Environment Technology seminar - MV3922:   Winter AY19, Winter AY18, Winter AY17, Winter AY16, Winter AY15, Winter AY14, Winter AY13
  • Current Topics in Modeling, Virtual Environments & Simulation seminar - MV4924:   Fall AY20, Fall AY19, Winter AY19, Spring AY18, Fall AY18, Spring AY17, Fall AY17, Spring AY16, Fall AY16, Spring AY15, Fall AY15, Spring AY14, Fall AY14, Spring AY13, Fall AY13
  • Human-Computer Interaction - CS3004:   Spring AY17, Fall AY17, Spring AY16, Fall AY16, Spring AY15, Fall AY15, Spring AY14, Fall AY14, Spring AY13, Fall AY13, Spring AY12, Fall AY12, Spring AY11
          Examples of past student lab projects: past projects


The largest portion of my time is dedicated to research work on different projects. My research interests and expertise include:

  • virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)
  • human factors and presence in VR
  • virtual humans
  • game-based systems
  • multiuser communication and collaborative environments
  • evaluation of learning and training effectiveness in computer supported environments
  • coupling emerging technologies with systems for training and learning
  • validation of simulated human behaviors
  • diffusion of innovation: design, dissemination, deployment, and the use of simulations and game-based systems for learning and training; large scale adoption issues
  • additive manufacturing: large scale innovation and adoption of technology

Professional membership: IEEE and ACM SIGGRAPH.

Student thesis advising: Current and past student thesis I advised or co-advised.

Resume: Short bio , Curriculum Vitae

Focus group: MOVES Human Factors and Training Systems Focus Group


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